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take my hand, take my life
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May 2005
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take my hand, take my life [userpic]

Never again will I skip breakfast. I thought I might faint. But I had good reason- a writing conference at 8:50. I made it to school with about 25 minutes to spare. But I was so tired and hungry I almost missed my stop on the subway. Smooth. The conference restored my confidence and now I'm going to work my ass off to raise my Humanities grade. It's only halfway through the semester- it's not too late. :D

Everything else I was going to mention is just too personal. Maybe later. ;)

<3 you all.

EDIT: Today is exactly two months until Glassjaw. fuckingyesyayyipeewooohoooo. /end spaz.

Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: Gj- Once Upon My Nightstand

Hi random person. So what school do you go to? By the way, Glassjaw kicks ass in concert. I saw them about 2 years ago. You're definitely in for a treat.

Hi other random person. My name is Alyse, in case you wanted to know. If not, just call me random person, or rp if you're lazy. I go to CCP this year... and next, who knows? Temple maybe? I am VERY glad to hear that Glassjaw kicks ass live, though I never doubted they would. I'm so excited. :) I'm adding you since you have good taste and all.

Hey, so I'll add you too. You're the first girl that I've ever talked to that likes Glassjaw. lol
About Temple, it's a good school (I'm from Philly too, in case you didn't notice) but it's in a bad part of the city. But then, most of Philly is bad. lol

I don't know any females that like Glassjaw either... that's pretty weird. Girls need better music taste, huh? I know Temple is a good school, and I have a friend that goes there and loves it but I'm still undecided. I'm used to bad parts of the city though because I've gone to school in them all of my life. It barely phases me now... in daylight, at least. haha :D